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Professional & objective consultation in all aspects of polygraph since 1993
Olympic Polygraph Inc. attended the NPEA Advanced Training Seminar January 27-28 in Hood River, Oregon.
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About Owner & Chief Examiner Richard Smith-
When retaining a polygraph examiner, it is very important to consider their experience level in the polygraph field specifically, and whether this is detailed on their website, to include the dates of attendance at basic  & advanced polygraph training. Also verify that the polygraph school they attended was accredited by the American Polygraph Association-http://www.polygraph.org/apa-accredited-polygraph-training-programs . Another important consideration is an examiner's dedication to continuing education/advanced polygraph training, and whether they can provide documentation of it.
Richard Smith has dedicated himself to continuing education by regular attendance at advanced APA accredited polygraph training seminars hosted by the Northwest Polygraph Examiner's Association since 1994–
Richard Smith is a 1993 graduate of Western Oregon University's School of Polygraphy, an American Polygraph Association accredited school, administered by Dr. Stanley Abrams,  Phd. in clinical and forensic psychology, as well as a notable polygraph expert and author.

Richard Smith is retired from 23 years as a fully commissioned law enforcement officer, and has worked in the field of polygraphy since 1993 as both a law enforcement and private practice examiner focused on resolution of criminal issues, pre-employment screening examinations, civil issues, fidelity issues, and Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing. Mr. Smith has retained peace officer certifications in both Washington and Alaska. 
In recent years, requests for fidelity testing has increased. Fidelity testing is considered only after a careful assessment of an individual case, to ensure that polygraph testing is an appropriate path to a resolution. It is this examiner's professional opinion that polygraph should not be utilized as the sole means to resolve trust issues in any relationship, but serve to compliment therapy or counseling. I receive many requests for this type of testing that I ultimately decline because I'm either being asked to undertake a testing approach that is unethical and/or in violation of polygraph fundamentals. Other reasons such requests are declined include attempts to coerce or force a spouse or domestic partner to submit to polygraph testing, or when the requests are for urgent scheduling and results. Olympic Polygraph Inc. will not conduct such examinations for subjects requesting emergent, or immediate testing, or when it appears that a subject is being pressured or coerced to undertake such an examination. There has been a dramatic increase in referrals to Olympic Polygraph by professionals specializing in relationship and marital counseling, and it is highly likely that exam requests in such instances will be accepted. 

Examinations are conducted at the sole discretion of the examiner. Many factors must be considered in determining whether or not to proceed with a polygraph examination, such as clarity of the test issue, and the physical and emotional status of the examinee.
No examination will be administered to any client who has engaged in recent usage of illegal drugs, marijuana, or any drug that may negatively influence their ability to respond normally and naturally to stimuli. This includes intoxication from the consumption of alcoholic beverages. If a client has any question regarding this, they should consult with a physician prior to confirming an appointment for polygraph testing.


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For in depth information regarding polygraph, visit the American Polygraph Association website.


Also visit the Northwest Polygraph Examiner's website.
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Examinations administered regarding-

Specific issue/incident- not considered to be a criminal offense.

Criminal Defense Examinations

Pre-Employment Screening Examinations for Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement/Corrections positions

Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing- in treatment, maintenance and monitoring examinations- (American Polygraph Association certified PCSOT examiner)

Civil matters/Disputes
Peer Review of Polygraph Examinations for Defense

Fidelity Examinations- accepted by therapist referral.

Testing is conducted in accordance with standards and ethics of the American Polygraph Association. Each case is handled with sensitivity, and objectivity, in a professional and ethical manner.
Research has determined that a single issue examination produces the greatest consistency of accuracy, and is therefore the approach utilized for the majority of examinations, using a scientifically standardized question technique and formulation. Multiple issue exams too often provide inconclusive or false negative results.

Your privacy is given the highest regard, and only you determine how test information and examiner conclusions are to be disseminated, and to whom. No release of any test information or examiner conclusions is allowed without a signed release/waiver authorizing such by the examinee tested in that case.

Examiner's conclusions are provided once the scientifically standardized numerical evaluation of polygraph examination data is conducted.  This usually occurs within moments of test completion, however, test data may require more time for evaluation in some cases. Written reports are usually available within 48 hours.

Criminal defense polygraph examinations conducted at the specific request of defense counsel are protected by attorney/client privilege, and are considered to be "attorney work product".


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